Arts in Action:

45 minutes of live performances (music, dance, theater) after which patents and staff are invited to engage the artists in informal questions and commentary.

Room Service:

Strolling minstrels actually play at patients’ or residents’ bedsides. They also perform for groups of patients in restricted areas such as psychiatric units, dialysis and chemotherapy centers

Community Ticket:


Offering free or reduced rate tickets to public performances for staff, patients, and residents.  Can be combined with the Artist’s Voice program.

Art in Public Places:

Exhibiting art work (featuring Florida Artist) in designated galleries or waiting rooms, hallways, cafeteria, and other places open to the staff and the public.


Providing disposable cameras to patients (ages 10 and above), to allow them to capture their healthcare experience on film, to be displayed as part of a collage or gallery showing.

DSCF0007Helping Hands:

Workshops and demonstrations of various art techniques.  To be presented with a group or on an individual patient to patient bases when appropriate.

C.A.P. (Children At Play):

Giving child patients a  introduction to musical instruments by providing the opportunity for them to hear and play orchestral and acoustic instruments.  Also providing a chance for them to meet and ask questions of music professionals (performers and teachers), and higher education students.